The mission of Awakening Giantz is to support young adults who are either exiting the foster care system or who have been impacted by it.


Our vision is to provide these young adults with mentors, programs, and resources that cultivate their sense of belonging, allow them to thrive, and foster a successful outlook on life.

Awakening Giantz officially launched in May of 2022, but the concept started back in 2018 with social gatherings. Our organization provides young adults that are exiting the foster care system with a community of mentors, planned workshops, resources and events that cultivate a sense of belonging and their ability to thrive. We believe that the “village” that is needed to raise a child, is needed long into adulthood. We gather local community members and businesses and give them the opportunity to pour into this amazing group of young adults.

If you know a prospective Giant, or if you want to join the mentors, volunteers and donors that are already in our village, Please Contact Us Today!