Rise Up With Us

Volunteer with us and help us grow!


We realize that not everyone that wants to help can spend the time that they want.  You can still provide invaluable help to our Giantz!

Donate or invest to help with emergency needs, car repairs, birthday gifts, baby showers, college tuition, or general operating funds.


Help with volunteering at booths at community events and with phone calls to Giantz and potential participants.

Time commitment:
3-6 hours a month

Orientation required


Attend events with and for our Giantz. Be present at our Giantz’ parties and celebrations.

Time commitment:
6-8 hours a month

There is a
2 hour training required


Mentor one of our Giantz. Help them navigate paths through life, as they awaken their gifts, skills, and talents, using them to build their lives.

Time commitment:
At least one Saturday a month, plus biweekly phone calls to check in.

8 hour training required.